Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I Love About Being A Mom::Meme

I was tagged by Kami (although I answered her late with my permission to be tagged) to participate in a meme that was started by HerBadMother (aka Catherine).

Here’s the deal:

Her Bad Mother’s post is the departure lounge, "I'm going to link to a couple of other mom bloggers here in Canada, and to a couple of mom bloggers from other countries around the world, and they’ll write their posts, sharing 5 things that they love (or maybe what they don’t so much love - this playground doesn’t force conformity) about being a mom, and then they’ll tag a few more bloggers from their own country and from other countries, and so on. And you’re more than welcome to join: just write a post of your own (5 things that you love about being a mom) and find someone to link to and tag - someone from your own country, if you like, but definitely someone from another country (Google is a good resource if you don’t know any; Google any country name and ‘mom’ in their blog search function) (be sure to let them know that you’ve tagged them!) - and link back here and leave a comment and we’ll add you to the ‘itinerary,’ which David will compile and post and update as the tour proceeds.”

Here we go. I'm sure most of these will be repeats from others who have already posted, but to me, they are individual and divine. The little graces that get me through the day:

1.) I absolutely love getting to (usually) be the first one my daughter sees in the morning. I walk in her room, sometimes she's awake already playing and talking away, and she graces me with this soulbreaking smile. Even the mornings when I have to wake her's this same routine as soon as she comes too. Her cheeks are still rosy from sleep. She had bedhead, and usually morning breath. She jumps up to standing in her crib, grabs her precious "blankie" and says "mama" a few times. When I pick her up she snuggles in close for a few minutes. It is pure bliss, every morning. What a way to start the day!

2.) I adore watching her play. She is able, even at 16 months, to occupy herself for long stretches of time. I just stand back and watch her sometimes as she pulls toys out of her baskets, sorts things, puts things together, takes them apart, looks at her books, gives her toys melts my heart. Everything is interesting and new. Everything is a learning opportunity. I have such a swell of pride every time I see her learn something new, figure something out. She's a genius, so it's often :)

3.) Quite honestly, I love being needed. Oh, sure there are the times when it is "inconvenient" because I am in the middle of something, or I'm just not feeling well, whatever. But when that little girl comes running up to me and grabs my legs, wanting a snuggle, or wanting me to read her a book, I feel like the most important person in the world. When she is crying and I am able to comfort her, or when she is hungry and I am able to get her something to eat, or even if she just needs her diaper all adds up to me just being her "mommy" and that is enough to make my heart sing. Who doesn't love their mommy?

4.) Watching my husband and daughter interact together fills my days with sunshine, too. My husband (for those of you who don't regularly read my blog) has an ongoing medical issue that makes it extremely difficult for him to get down and play with her, or carry her around, etc. It breaks his heart on a daily basis when he isn't able to do the things he wants with her. But, oh, those times when he is feeling a little bit ok, when he can chase her around the house, throw her up in the air and make her shriek and giggle, when he can dance with her, or go down the slide. When he can snuggle with her and read her book after book, or have a little dress-up party...those times are jewels to me. I love this man. And I love this girl. And I love that they are family because of me.

5.) I love knowing that, no matter what happens to me in life, whatever I may or may not accomplish, that I have added a beautiful soul to the world, who will help to make the world a little bit better place simply by existing in it. She brings a smile to everyone who meets her. She adds joy and cheer by just being. I love that in some small way, that is a reflection on me. But mostly, I just love that she is who she is, and that is unique and wonderful. And I get to be apart of her everyday. That is a blessing that just blows me away.

Wow. Thanks, Kami, for the chance to participate in this fun event!

Now for the tags. If you want to play along, go right ahead. Just link back to Her Bad Mother and comment there so you are counted. I am also tagging Tara, Donalyn, and Gina.


Kami's Khlopchyk said...

THAT was spectacular Kami! Just beautiful. ditto, to each and every one of them!

katherine mary said...

beautiful and well written. ;)